Quality information technology (IT) solutions.
We offer our own products as well as support and configuration of world well known solutions.
We create various integrations.
The Brīvs printing company offers their calendar collection and other printwork.
We also produce various printing products by order.
About "Brīvs" Ltd.


Brīvs was registered on 17 May 2006 – at first, it provided printing services by offering clients a full cycle of production of various printing products.
This line of working is still intact today – the client only has to explain their need and we will do the rest: choosing the most appropriate technical solution, developing the design, creating a mock-up, as well as creating the product and shipping the final product to the appointed address.


We have issued calendars by the Brīvs printing company every year since 2009. Our calendars are not only timekeepers – most of them have additional elements: entertaining stories, including romance and popular science. Even calendars whose theme and title repeats every year have new pictures and stories every season.
Within these years, our calendars have become popular and beloved not only in Latvia, but they also travel to many countries in almost all parts of the world – for now, we have not secured Antarctica and Africa, at least to our knowledge.

IT solutions

Since 2008 Brīvs has a second line of work that by now has become the main one – IT solutions.
Our IT specialists consult clients and analyse, program and test products according to their needs. They also use their creativity and develop new products on their own initiative. To make the work of both our and our business partners’ accountants easier, a tool was developed to simplify the processing of invoices and consignment notes and secure their management, storing, and export to the accounting system. Read more …


In 2021 a group of new and creative specialists (Ltech) joined the experienced IT experts at our company and together they will widen our possibilities and range as a strong and united team. Read more …


To ensure business stability in times of crisis (for example, the COVID-19 situation) and to provide a convenient customer experience, we opened an e-store for printing products at the end of 2020.


Brīvs is a member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, GS1 Latvia and participant in the SRS In-depth Cooperation Programme, Bronze level.

Our priorities

Expertise is guaranteed by our employees. They are the people that can be relied on by the company’s management, customers, cooperation partners, and the employees themselves. Every employee is a professional in his or hers field and is willing to share knowledge and experience with other team members, that way the average expertise level is increasing every day.

Responsibility. The long-term cooperation between us and our clients and business partners is based on mutual responsibility for product and service quality and meeting deadlines for completion of orders and payments.

Employee support. It is not only a comfortable chair, tasty coffee or social guarantees that are included in the contract, but of course, opportunities to grow, as well. We respect every team member as an individual with unique experience, opinions, personality, family life, and lifestyle. Therefore, our goal is to create such an environment and working style where every employee can feel good and complete their work tasks comfortably.

Caring for the environment. For nature to have a future, every contribution is useful! For printing we use paper with ISO14001 and FSC certificates that is safe to use for toys and food products and we gladly work with uncoated and recycled paper as well. We try to not use paper coatings when possible or only use water-based barrier coatings. Packaging and plastic packaging in particular is only used in exceptional cases. We believe that a convenient, appealing, and environment-friendly product is more important than luxurious, but short-term packaging. We use energy-efficient appliances and recycle waste.

We are proud that all BRĪVS products, both printing and IT related, are 100% made in Latvia. This reduces logistics and protects the climate, and it supports Latvia’s economy and provides jobs as well.

We are growing! Our customer base is expanding and our team is growing! We evaluate existing experience, and continue to work on innovative products and services.

At the moment we are looking for new employees in the IT field. See job openings …

"Brīvs" LLC
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